The arrival of spring

 In Ariel's recent work, she explores the theme of social disconnection as a result of capitalism and the pandemic, using playfully witty imagery. Painting becomes a way for her to document the otherworldly feeling of stepping out after quarantine. The unfamiliar feeling towards the environment and the fear of human interactions. A flower-like figure often appears in the series, inspired by postmodern cartoons and the artist's personal memories. The flower figure is influenced by a common weed flower often found in nature or wasteland in Taiwan. A type of flower often ignored by society, it symbolizes freedom, nature, and the power of the working class. This series also explores the mental state of the artist when she returned to Taiwan from London and was isolated in a room for months while the city was still functioning normally. She discovered the healing power of nature by drawing flowers, hoping to do the same and share the joy with viewers.